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Research subjects / activity

RI production by accelerator neutron source and its application

Medical RIs have been used for body function and tumor diagnosis and therapy. Traditionally, the RIs are taken or distributed by metabolic reactions. Recently, so-called radioimmunotherapy (RIT) has been developing which can directly destroy cancer "cells." This technique has been realized with combination of medicine (finding cancer cells' properties), pharmacy (how to combine an RI to drug) and physics (RIs production which never exists on earth) fields.

We are working on accelerator experiments and data analysis to realize production technology for useful radioisotopes (RIs) used in medicine and other applications. In particular, we are conducting research focusing on the production of radioactive copper and drug transport systems, which are promising in theranostics, which is said to be the ultimate individual improvement.

Magnetic field imaging by cosmic ray muons

So far, most of the developments in muography (or cosmic-ray muon radiography) have been based on either the scattering or the absorption of cosmic-ray muons produced by the nuclear interactions between primary cosmic-rays and the nuclei of the Earth's atmosphere. Applications of muography are increasing in various disciplines. A new use of this technique to measure a magnetic field has recently been proposed by our group. This new application takes advantage of the electric charge of cosmic-ray muons, which causes them to change their trajectory due to the Lorentz force generated by a magnetic field.

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